The County of Dukes County
Community Corrections Division
Contact TypeContact Information
Jeremy Norton, Program Manager 508-696-0808
Lieutenant Eric Perry, Program Manager 508-696-0808
Sergeant Kelli Stewart, 508-696-0808
Martha’s Vineyard Airport, Airport Road Extension 
West Tisbury ,MA 
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The Dukes County Community Corrections Center is an Intermediate Sanctions Program sponsored by Sheriff Michael A. McCormack and the Dukes County Sheriff’s Office in collaboration with the Office of Community Corrections in the Trial Court of Massachusetts.

The mission of the Dukes County Community Corrections Center is the establishment of intermediate sanctions programs which offer a continuum of services for Probation, Parole, and Sheriff’s inmates. It is hopeful that this collaboration among agencies and the community will increase public safety by increasing accountability.

The Center offers the following:

l Substance Abuse Counseling and Education
l Adult Basic Education and GED services
l Life Skills and Job Readiness Training
l Random Drug/Alcohol testing
l Electronic Monitoring
l Community Service

The Center provides probationers with educational programming, life skills and vocational instruction, and substance abuse treatment programming. Each participant is provided the opportunity to help him or herself without having to be incarcerated. This type of programming will allow the probationer to serve their sentence as mandated by the presiding justice. It also gives the center the opportunity to prepare the individual for integration back into the community.