The County of Dukes County
Oversand Vehicle Permit

Norton Point logo.pngThe 2011season oversand vehicle permints are now available at the Dukes County Administration Building.

Oversand vehicle permits for Norton Point Beach can be purchased from the Trustees of Reservations (508-627-7689) or the County Treasurer’s Office (508-696-3845) at the County Administration Building in Edgartown.  To get to the County Administration Building take the Edgartown-West Tisbury Road to the entrance of the Martha's Vineyard Airport, turn into the airport as if you are going to the airport terminal and then take the first right (before any of the buildings).  We are on the right hand side of this side road.

The fee for these stickers for Norton Point Beach only is:

 $  70 if your car is registered in one of the six towns on the Island,or
 $120 if your car is not registered in one of the six towns on the Island.

We will need to see your car's registration to confirm that you qualify for the lower rate.

The Trustees of Reservations have also implemented a trial day pass program at Norton Point Beach where a pass for one day will be available for purchase at the beach.  Please call the Trustees of Reservations at 508-627-7689 for more information.